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     Born in Germany, Conni Kaminski founded her label in Brussels in 2005.

     The designer presents seasonal women collections twice per year at
 international  fashion fairs.

     In December 2007, she opened her first shop in the old centre of Brussels,
 the Dansaert fashion district. The location also serves as atelier and showroom.

     The designer works with the technique of draping on the body to find new
shapes, creating silhouettes that are often asymmetric.

     The contrast between the elegance of fine materials and raw finishing makes  possible to wear her clothing both for day and evening - 
depending on the accessories. Sportive details, such as ribbings, emphasise this effect.

     She finds her inspiration in daily life, visiting art expos,
 watching old films or looking at historic costume books.
     The collection is produced entirely in Belgium.

Today, the collection of Conni Kaminski is sold in more than 25 shops international.